Bespoke Planter Benches 


These simple yet elegant benches are a beautiful addition to any garden or foyer. They can be planted with bushes, lavender or aromatic herbs so the sitter is surrounded by the plants and their perfume without having to bend down or get onto hands and knees. This is of particularly benefit for the elderly or infirm, those with impaired vision or anyone who simply needs a few minutes of tranquillity. 


Created from single solid slabs of seasoned oak up to 3 meters long, 62 cm wide and 50mm thick, the number and position of planter holes is entirely up to the client as is the material and style of the planters used. We can personalise the planters themselves by sandblasting or applying cut vinyl. The possibilities are endless. 


These benches can be left unadorned and simply oiled or stained or, uniquely, we can reproduce any single colour document, text, image, logo or crest up to 70cm wide on the surface of any of our benches. Please see the Documents on Oak page. Such documents can include marriage certificates, birth certificates, Coats of Arms, honours - the list is endless. Family trees are a popular choice as are famous quotes.


The Coat of Arms to the left was reproduced on one of our 'twin planter' benches for one of the Livery Companies of the City of London to mark the 650th anniversary of receiving their first Royal Charter granted by Edward III in 1364.


The Mono bench (please scroll down for pictures) is particularly attractive as a more contemporary take on the traditional remembrance bench and are available with an oak or acrylic block leg. The bench and planter can both be personalised with your choice of words or single colour images.


Such benches make fabulous anniversary (5 years = wood), wedding, christening and birthday gifts for those looking for something out of the ordinary. To protect the text or image from the weather and general wear and tear, we apply two coats of UV resistant oil. This assures that your unique piece will last for many many years.