Bespoke Planters & Cubes 


By sandblasting, carving or applying exterior grade vinyl we can create unique planters and solid oak cubes, sleepers or troughs to your own specifications. Chosen by the client, we use high quality frost-proof planters of granite, slate, steel, resin/fibreglass and fibrestone. Once carved or sandblasted we can leave them with a natural finish or apply a colour infill of your choice. These planters are popularly used for house names, addresses, signage, corporate branding or commemorative purposes. 


Our cubes are cut from solid green oak and measuring approximately 40cm square, are very heavy! They can be supplied as an occasional (and largely immovable!) table with a toughened glass top on which any text or single colour logo can be affixed. The oak is treated to resist greying from weathering and sunlight or left with a natural finish to age gracefully. They are mounted on small feet to prevent them rotting from the bottom if used outdoors. We can also fit small casters. If specified, the carved image is cast in a specialist rubber compound which stretches as the oak inevitably splits as it seasons.