Home & Office Remodelling 


From concept to completion, we work closely with clients to design and install innovative storage, display and lighting solutions. By combining quality 'flat-pack' modular carcases with rigid framing, dry wall and plaster, high-end results can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of wholly bespoke units. Available in many styles and finishes, such units can be fitted with audio-visual wiring, lighting, hanging rails, pull out shelves, shoe racks, storage baskets, fixed shelving in glass or wood - even ironing boards - to achieve attractive and very practical built-in storage and maximise the potential of any space. 


For this project we set 4m of wardrobes into the hall wall which backed onto the audio-visual and storage units built into the sitting room. We were also commissioned to lay the new engineered hardwood floor seamlessly throughout the sitting room, hall, playroom and cloakroom - without a single threshold between rooms. 


The lighting unit pictured left was designed and fabricated in house to create an attractive and versatile alternative to hanging bulbs and shades. They can be made to virtually any shape and do not intrude on the available headroom. Incorporating radio remote controlled low voltage RGB LED lighting, the ceiling is washed with any of 64 colours, either static or fading between them. The independently switched dimmable LED down lights provide effective localised illumination.