At Mike Orme Designs we enjoy the challenge of creating stylish pieces of furniture, light fittings, or objet art from materials supplied by and of particular sentimental value to clients (please also see
 Oak & Tin and The Resin Bench. Each piece is as individual as the client and is executed to their specific requirements. Garden ornaments, planters, water features, tables, benches, clocks, our flair for design, our fabrication skills and our extensive network of specialist trade contacts ensure any and all are possible. 

The Box Table 

This is an example of one such piece where an antique packing trunk in battered but sound steel was turned into an occasional table. It is a lot less square than the pictures would suggest and the top and bottom were particularly bent and beaten from being subjected to a hundred years of baggage handlers (though I doubt this has ever been on an easyjet flight). The combination of modern materials, craftsmanship and a neglected heirloom came together to produce something the client will cherish for years to come