The Resin Bench 


This piece was made from an ancient oak lintel which was removed from a 400 year old forge during restoration. It was structurally dangerous and had to go but the client had the foresight to put it to one side. He presented it to us to see what we could do with it.


Large sections were crumbling away. Boring insects and damp had also taken their toll. Once dried out, we realised that the only way to prevent the lintel from crumbling away altogether was to cast it in epoxy resin. Several thick coats later, this is the result.


It is now strong enough to bear several adults with no deflection and is completely impervious to weather. It should last another 400 years! Heavy stainless steel box section legs were specified by the client to match a table he already had and it was a challenge to successfully mount them square and vertically on a piece of wood that was warped and bowed in all planes. They were an excellent choice and really do look striking set against the ancient wood. 


It measures 1.8 meters (6 feet) by 49cm (19 inches) and is 75mm (3 inches) thick. 


Please see the Re-Purposing page for more information.


UPDATE: The client liked this bench so much he commissioned another one.