The Zip 


This is a unique piece inspired by a naturally occurring split down the centre of a single oak slab. The beauty of this is that the grain runs parallel to the split enhancing the illusion far better than simply cutting a notch into a plain board. Further, the split tapers to nothing at the bottom of the zip which could not be recreated with a saw. 


Completely seasoned and stable, The Zip measures 3050mm (10 feet) high by 506mm (20 inches) wide at the top narrowing to 307mm (12 inches) wide at the bottom and is 50mm (2 inches) thick. 


It is a striking object to place against a wall or if preferred, legs and a toughened glass top can be added to create a long table as high or low as the client specifies. 


The client can choose their preferred finish oiled, stained or thick coated with epoxy resin and we can reproduce any company name, logo or message in any single colour.